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More catching up to do

Hi All!

It’s a cold, snowy day here in Waterloo today but I’m excited about some new shoots that I’ve got in the works.  I am still looking for a pregnant mama for my current casting call.  If you’re pregnant and interested email me.  We finally have a bit of snow so hurry! 🙂

I’m also going to show a  few images from a November shoot I had when yes, the weather was incredible, we were without jackets and it was beautiful light and the kids were adorable!

I’ve photographed Mr E (the oldest) when he was just about a year old I think and we had a lot of fun doing his shoot then.  This time around was a lot fun but he definitely doesn’t love being in front of the camera.  He did amazing but when he was done, it was over and there was no convincing him of just one more image.  We had a great time playing in the leaves and running around talking about his favourite thing – monster trucks.  Trust me, he knows more about grave digger then I do, and he told me all about it.

E&B_035-1 E&B_021-5  E&B_007-2


Isn’t the littlest super cute!  He was happy to just laying around, soaking in the sun and showing me a lot of smiles.  He was so happy and so good in front of the camera.  We had lots of fun catching a few images of him and some even with his brother!



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Playing catch up and a not so recent shoot

I’ve been pretty lax with my blogging lately and I’m sorry for that.  I’ve been really focusing on my boudoir portraiture and have been just loving it so much that sometimes I forget that I have others on this side of the bridge that want to see what’s going on!

I also want to say thanks to all my fans on Facebook, I’m almost at 200 and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m so excited to have all of you be the first to view my recent work, to help with question I may post, casting calls I have, etc.  So thank you for that!

I had the absolute pleasure to photograph these to cuties and I had such a great time with Mr. T while his sister slept for a little while.  We had a fantastic time, finding rocks, jumping around, racing, and thinking of new ideas that we could do for his shoot.  I should mention that he came up with some amazing blue ideas! 😉  So cute


Mom even messaged me a couple of days later say Mr. T was hoping to meet up with me again sometime so we could look for some more rocks.  How sweet right!?  I love it, and I love that he was so comfortable with me that he’d want to meet up again.  I had a lot of fun with Mr. T and maybe someday in the not to distant future we’ll have some more adventures together.


Incredible eyes right?!  So blue!  Mommy, you’re definitely going to have a heart breaker with this boys eyes and his charming personality.  He’ll melt just a few girls hearts with them I’m sure!

And his little sister has just as bright blue eyes.  Incredible!



Seriously, look how much fun we had running around.  Thanks Mr. T for giving me an awesome subject to photograph, but you also helped me really work on my manual focusing! Haha!


Thank you for letting me capture some amazing images of your kids, I love capturing the sweetness, the innocence of children and when they are as fun as Mr. T and Miss J it makes my job so enjoyable and worth every second of it.