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Casting call #2

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Last week I posted my first casting call for siblings and very quickly they were filled.  Thank you very much for that! 🙂  I appreciate everyone that sent emails to help out!!  I love it!

This week I’m looking for something a little more specific.  I understand this will take a bit longer to fill so please share with friends and family and let them know what I’m looking for!

What I’m looking for

  • A pregnant mama that will be right around 35-37 weeks pregnant in January around the 3rd week (I need snow on the ground) but dates will be figured out closer to the session date.
  • A great sense of style
  • Lots of energy

This will be an outside shootin January so please do not apply if you are allergic to snow, don’t like evergreen trees, are afraid of trekking though the snow, hate being cold, do not like hot chocolate or are NOT interested in this type of shoot.

How to “apply”

If you are okay with the above “requirements” and would like to “apply” please send me an email to k.shiell.photography@gmail.com with a bit of your story.  Why would you like to do this?  What would you offer that someone else might not have?  You tell me.  Make it fun, make it exciting.

I’m looking for something pretty specific for this shoot and I don’t mean you have to be 5’10” and 180 lbs. I just want someone fun, energetic, excited about be pregnant, willing to get cold/snowy/etc.

What will you get from the session

From the session you will be able to pick 1 8×10 image and of course you can purchase any of the images separately (packages, mounted images, books, etc)  in a one on one viewing about 2-3 weeks after the session takes place.  And of course the pride in helping a photographer 🙂

Why should you do this?

It’ll be fun!  You’ll have the opportunity to have a session done without paying session fees.  You are helping me out of my creativity lull.  You’re being inspirational.  It’s exciting and you’ll have photos to cherish for the rest of your life!  Why wouldn’t you!? 😉


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