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More catching up to do

Hi All!

It’s a cold, snowy day here in Waterloo today but I’m excited about some new shoots that I’ve got in the works.  I am still looking for a pregnant mama for my current casting call.  If you’re pregnant and interested email me.  We finally have a bit of snow so hurry! 🙂

I’m also going to show a  few images from a November shoot I had when yes, the weather was incredible, we were without jackets and it was beautiful light and the kids were adorable!

I’ve photographed Mr E (the oldest) when he was just about a year old I think and we had a lot of fun doing his shoot then.  This time around was a lot fun but he definitely doesn’t love being in front of the camera.  He did amazing but when he was done, it was over and there was no convincing him of just one more image.  We had a great time playing in the leaves and running around talking about his favourite thing – monster trucks.  Trust me, he knows more about grave digger then I do, and he told me all about it.

E&B_035-1 E&B_021-5  E&B_007-2


Isn’t the littlest super cute!  He was happy to just laying around, soaking in the sun and showing me a lot of smiles.  He was so happy and so good in front of the camera.  We had lots of fun catching a few images of him and some even with his brother!



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What to expect during a cake smash

Cake smash photography has become a new “craze” in the photography world lately, and good thing!  They are so much fun and what a great way to capture memories of your wee ones entering the beginning stages of toddler hood.

A cake smash session takes place around your child’s first birthday.  I try to schedule them a month or two in advance to ensure you have the session booked especially during busy season.  I do not have a studio as you know so I come to your house and set up a spot or I do have a great place to set up a “studio” at my house and it works perfect for cake smashes.  We can discuss this at the time of booking.

What to expect during the session:

I like to start Cake smash sessions first by doing some portraits of your child.  Some clients prefer to display fully clothed, clean photos and then just distribute the cake smash photos to friends and family.  So I like to make sure we have a full range of options.  Now, it’s time to get dirty!  I’ll allow you to take the cloth off your babe.  I recommend a cloth diaper cover in a solid colour to cover your pamper/huggies diaper.  It just looks a little better in the photographs.  Don’t worry if you don’t have one.  I have a WIDE range of colours in cloth and we would just discuss this in our session details beforehand.

While you’re doing this I’m going to photograph the cake.  I like to get a few angles of the cake before it gets “smashed” by your child.  I’ll get the detail shots, the banner, the cake, the balloons, whatever else is included in the cake smash besides your child.

Now it’s time for some giggles!  We will encourage along the way if needed, help by putting toes in the icing, fingers in the cake, etc.  At this point, some children are very easily producing the results you will want from a cake smash but on the other hand some babes are crying, they do nott enjoy getting messy, and want nothing to do with the cake.  This is  when we will start encouraging, and helping with the “smash”.  We’ll put toes in the cake, fingers in the icing.  Icing on the noes, etc.

Depending of course on the child, a session usually lasts about 20-30 minutes with the cake.  That’s perfect.  Plenty of time to get the photos we need and I’m sure we’ve had a blast watching the action.

Off you go with your very messy, sticky baby in tow for a bath.  If we are at my house – you are welcome to use the main upstairs washroom for a washing.  I wouldn’t expect you head home with such a mess.  If we are at your location, easy as pie.  I just clean up my mess.   Most of all the mess is contained to my area and I’m done.

We say good bye and in about 1-2 weeks I’ll have proofs for you to decide on.  Included in the session fee of my cake smashes are 20 5×7 custom templated cards that can be distribute to friends and family.  If you’re interested in ordering other images from your cake smash session we can definitely make arrangements for this as well.  Although I do not plan for a one on one ordering session for cake smashes, if you would like to set this up I am 100% willing to work with you.

If you are interested in setting up a date and time for a cake smash now is the time to send me a quick email to k.shiell.photography@gmail.com to get the ball rolling.  I hope this helped you understand exactly what happens during the session and I hope to hear from you soon!

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Two beautiful girls

I had such a fun time shooting these two girls.  We just walked to this location from our house (the are neighbours) so it was great to be close to home and enjoy our very own neighbourhood.

Once the camera got in my face and they started to warm up to the idea, they LOVED being photographed.  It was a lot of fun and they enjoyed it just as much.


Thanks so much girls! 🙂